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Aggies Grannies is still very much up and running – we just haven’t updated the blog in awhile.

Don’t forget this – June Brown comes to Silk Court

Aggie’s Grannies is bringing together the very old with the very young by pairing up pre-school groups such as nurseries or drop in centres with nursing homes/care homes for combined activities on a regular basis to build lasting relationships and go someway to combat generational segregation and ageism.

The key is in the youngest and oldest. Both ends of life. Who dosen’t love a young child – especially the older generation. The joy they bring is palpable. They are unthreatening and innocent and represent hope for the future of society which the older generation have contributed so much to. The very young in turn are open to love and attention and bringing them into care/nursing home facilities will familiarise them with the aged from early on, to go forward in society with an inclusive perspective.

Starting with Scallywags nursery and Silk Court Care Home in Tower Hamlets we have received a small grant from St. Katherine and Shadwell trust to bring together these two groups twice a month for combined activities on a permanent basis.

It is still in its infancy so on this site we aim to keep an up to date account of how we are doing through interviews and ongoing monitoring.





  1. Cheryl Carroll says:

    Just saw aggies grannies on June Browns Respect your elders – and what a wonderful idea – I have 4 girls between 2 & 12 and they are extremely lucky to have their grandparents and older relatives in their lives!
    This would be excellent to go nationwide and would love to be able to take part in something like this!

    Cheryl, Midlothian, Scotland

    • admin says:

      Hi Cheryl,

      Thanks for your comments. What we are hoping is that every nursery can pair up with a elderly care facility. If your little two year old is at nursery you could ask them if they’d like to pair up with a care facility for combined activities on a regular basis?

      Very soon myself Debbie the nursery manager from scallywags will put together an outline of what we do and what to watch out for – so everyone can do it if they like.

      Thanks agian – it’s amazing to get support!

      • Kate Nunn says:

        Hi there

        I also as Aggies Grannies on June Browns programme. What a brilliant idea, would love to know more. I have two boys of 4 and 2 and would gladly introduce the idea to their nursery. Any info would be really useful. You’re an inspiration.

        Kate, Sussex

        • angela says:

          Hi Kate,

          Yes please do! Just fine a local care/nursing home or day care facility and pair them up. I will put up some info for you very soon.
          So excited that you and others are interested! If we all did it imagine how little less lonely people might be?
          Thanks very much to you!

  2. Nic davis says:

    Love your idea. Would love to get involved!

    Raised by my grandmother Based in Brighton. Father of 15month old twin girls. They will keep the oldies on their toes!

    • admin says:

      Thanks very much. Please keep looking on our site – we are going to pop up some ideas about how you can get involved soon.
      Thanks again!

    • admin says:

      ps – yes you could definately keep quite afew entertained with tiwn girls. They are the perfect age for very large older smiles!

  3. Melanie jarvis says:

    I think this concept is fantastic I have spent the last year raising my son
    But previously caring for elderly people in their homes
    I live in Brighton and if their was a scheme like this in my area
    I would be interested in being involved

    • angela says:

      Hi Melanice,
      I will get back to you when we have more info about what to do – perhaps you can set it up with a nursery your son goes to? Thanks very much for the interest – love the support!

  4. Suzie Badham says:

    Hi, just seen you mentioned on tv as part of the BBC ageing series. Fantastic integration you have achieved, benefits for all.
    I think it would be something that cannot be too hard to roll out over the country. Surely all we would need is a checklist and framework of relevant safeguarding, risk assessments and legal stuff before interested nurseries or childcare groups (with parental consent) could send out invitations of friendship to local homes near them.
    I wish you congratulations on your work so far and every success in the future. Rock on.

    • admin says:

      Hi Suzie,
      Yes definately. We have been monitoring what we do and very soon we are going to do excatly as you’ve said and pop up a ‘do it yourself’
      Thanks very much

  5. Natalie Kendall says:

    After discovering your organisation through ‘June Brown: respect your elders’
    I must say how amazing I feel the whole concept is,
    As a senior caree myself having worked with elderly suffering dementia
    I have seen first hand how children bring such joy and sunshine into the hearts of the elderly.
    The older generation are often forgotten about and people don’t realise how much they still have left to give.
    I’m taking time out from work as I have recently had my first child and I would absolutely love the opportunity to take her to a care home to make friends. I really hope the idea takes off across the whole country, the world would be great (anything is possible!)
    If there is anyway I can help please don’t estate to contact me.
    Might I suggest doing something with the children’s centres/sure start centres as they are national? Just an idea.
    Good luck!

    • admin says:

      Yes I have just approached my first drop in centre – it’s a sure start – who seem keen. That way the parents can all come with their children – then everyone will be in the care home. But it might be an idea to approach the upper management to have them implement it all over – good idea!
      If you can’t take the elderly out of the care homes – then we need to all go in!
      Thank you for your comments and idea! Please keep in touch.

  6. Paul Evans says:

    Hi, I’ve just watched June Brown’s programme on BBC1 that you were featured in: I think you do amazing work and just wanted to congratulate you. I live in Manchester and wondered if you know of anyone in this neck of the woods doing anything similar? Either way, I’m going to talk to family and friends with children (and some who work in the care sector) to spread the news about what you do and see if we can doing anything similar!

    Well done again!


    • admin says:

      Hi Paul,

      Thank very much. I think it will be easy to do. If we can pair every elderly care/nurseing sheltered home with a nursery then imagine how many less lonely people there will be. And how many more cuddles for our kids!
      All you need to do is appraoch a nursery and ask them if they want to pair up with an elderly facility.
      We are going to put simple outline up soon to cover issues we’ve had.
      Thanks very much for you comments.

  7. christine pryce says:

    Just seen Aggie’s Grannies work on the BBC documentary “respect your elders” -and simply had to find you online to congratulate you on such a fantastic idea. It’s quite shocking sometimes to see the dramatic loss of respect and affection for old people from young people today, and I think you are quite correct in your intuitive feeling that this has been allowed to develop through the socio-economic changes that have all but destroyed the extended family upbringing that we all used to enjoy… Keep up the good work because it seems to me this problem can only get worse if it is not tackled by local, imaginative projects like Aggie’s Grannies. My son, who is now 18, had an extremely close relationship with my parents and I think that has contributed greatly to his much-commented upon good manners and maturity. Sadly my parents have now both died, and my son is a young adult, so I have contact with neither very old nor very young – but I am looking for an intereting volunteering opportunity, so I would be very grateful if you could email me with any information if I can be of any use in trying to set up a Grannies project in my local area? In any event, seeing the warmth and smiles and the evident enjoyment of both the children and old folk you get together, was truly heartwarming. So all the best and keep up this important work.

    • angela says:

      Hi Christine,
      That would be great. never imagined I would volunteer, but it has been surprisingly rewarding. It would be great if people who are out of work would do it – It gives you such a sense of achievement.
      We are going to write up a simple guide on what we’ve done, what is safe and what to watch out for. All you’ll need to do is find two willing facilities and pair them up for lasting relationships. The children really like it and ask about when they’re going to see the elderly next.
      I will definately get back in contact when we have it all written up. It might not be till August but I will get back to you.
      Thank you very very much!

  8. Sarah Munn says:

    Just watched June Brown Documentary and the feature of your site. What a fantastic idea and so inspiring. Reminded me of my Gran & Great Aunt that I used to see every day as a child and who lived with us and read stories and played board games etc with us as kids. I now have 3 kids and sadly these strong ladies (94 & 92) when they left us aren’t around for my girls.
    My Gran passed away when i was 11 weeks pregnant with our first but she was one of the first to be told
    In hospital she even wrote a letter to my baby for when she is older and we talk about her alot – our eldest is 5 and talks about here great grandma in heaven. We even had a cake on what would have been her 100th birthday.

    However my mum and dad are arround and see the girls nearly every day and talk. My parents are just 60 and the girls adore and respect them (sometimes I feel more than me :-) )
    What a great idea snd would love for there to be something in Aberdeen that my daughters could get invoked in.
    Sadly My inlaws are only 15 minutes away but yet have little to do with the girls so I am blessed that my parents make up it. Maybe if they watched the programme tonight they might see what they are missing.
    Fab idea and best wishes for the future.
    Sarah xx

    • angela says:

      Hi Sarah,
      That is so touching aoubt the cake for her 100th birthday. Their lives are so valuble and they should to be honoured. We will be them very soon and we want to remain part of a life we have contributed to, so we need to change things… and we can. Thanks very much for your support.

  9. Sabi says:

    I saw your organization featured on the BBC program last night and I just wanted to say that I think your idea is brilliant and I hope you are able to continue to grow this program. Just wanted to send a few words of encouragement.


  10. Hannah says:

    Like Sabi, I saw your initiative featured on June Brown: Respect Your Elders and think it’s an amazing idea.
    I hope the initiative goes from strength to strength. I’ll be spreading the word!

    • angela says:

      Hi Hanah,

      Thanks please do!
      And we’re gonna have a how to up here soon so keep an eye out.
      Thanks again

  11. Patricia Asedi says:

    I watched June’s program on BBC and i am really impressed with what your organisation is doing. I am from Malawi-Africa and i live in Leicester-UK and i totally understand the aim of this organisation. I have got a 3 yr old boy who only saw his grand parents once that was 2 yrs ago when we went to Malawi. I just love your idea and i wish we had something like that where i live. Well done for coming up with this and i would like to see this organisation grow and this happening throughout the country. Thanks.

    • angela says:

      Hi Patricia,

      Yes my two daughters never see my parents or grandmother who is 97. So sad, she should be treated like a tressure, but we never see her.
      I am hoping that people will start going into care homes – that they will open up to life in the community not outside it!
      Thanks for your comments
      Kind regards,

  12. Verity says:

    I have just watched the BBC documentary and seen Aggies Grannies featured.
    What an amazing idea. I have a wonderfully close relationship with my ‘Nana’ I would love to help in anyway I can bring your good work down to Portsmouth. I currently run an NCT funded group and I’m part of a larger network of people through a Facebook group for mummies in the local area. We currently have about 800 members. As a stay at home mummy I would love to get involved in something like this. Much respect to you for starting such a worthwhile movement! X

    • angela says:

      Hi Verity – that would be great if you could do something like this. It’s so easy. There are many ways you can start it. Just putting play dates in care homes would be a start.
      We decided to use our nursery because, whilst going into the care home with my kids was really worthwhile, I was worried that it might loose steam. So we thought if you put something permanent in place – making a lasting relationship between elderly care facility and nursery – it doens’t matter if your not there, the two institutions should continue together.
      The issue for me was relationships – so that everyone gets to know each other. Instead of singing a christmas, which is great but not really a relationship, it’s meeting every month or more. Don’t make it too often because you don’t want it to become something people feel obligated to. It needs to be fun.
      In the next couple of weeks I will pop up some outlines for what we’ve been doing so anyone can do it.
      Very happy that you got in touch

      • Verity says:

        It all definitely sounds achievable. Is it something you would be interested in using the Aggies Grannies Name? You should make some DIY packs so others can branch off! I’ll have a word with some people over the next couple of weeks, see if I can get some the wheels in motion to start something x

  13. Deborah says:

    Hi there
    I have just watched June Browns program. I have 9 year old & 6 year old boys but we dont have any living grandparents. In fact apart from my husband & one 86 year old Aunt we have no family. I have been searching for several years for an ‘adopt a granny/grandad ‘ scheme. I would love to find someone who would appreciate meeting my sons & sharing time with my family. We miss this contact with my father who passed away a couple of years ago.My Aunt lives a long way away so visiting her can be difficult but we try as often as we can. We live in Middlesex so if ant schemes run this way I would love to be part of it.

    Thank you.

    • angela says:

      Yes it’s so hard. Most people seem to be without their extended family for one reason or another. There are adopt a granny schemes. Let me look and I’ll send them to you.
      It’s sad how there are so many elderly people alone and many families would love to share with them in some way. We need a big data base.
      Do you think your boys school will be into building relationships with a local care homes?
      I am going to put up a page for any interested people that want to be involved and I will definately be getting back to you.

      All the best and thanks so much for writing

  14. Fiona says:

    Hi, I work as a nurse in a care home specialising in dementia and think this is a great idea. We’d love to get involved and would be grateful for all the info and practical advice you can give us. Our residents would love it! Did you have to do risk assessments, etc? What do we need to do to get this going?

    • angela says:

      Hi Fiona,

      Where are you? I could find a nursery or pre-school group near you if you like?
      Or you could approach a nursery or stay and play/drop in under 5 group in your area to find interest. Even a mothers group who would like to participate.

      One of the things I’m going to do on this site is add a forum page for interested people so we can pair up care facilities with pre-schoolers.
      I am also going to put up a list of things to watch out for – health and safety.

      People I have talked with in the past have expressed fear about safety but with enough staff or mummies around it is fine.
      With the children I think with under 5 it’s safest to have 2children per one adult and you will have enough staff to look after your residents needs as usual.

      Please keep an eye on this site – I promise to update it with good info soon.

      So excited that you and others are interested.
      All the best,

  15. Emma Funnell says:

    Hi, just watched the programme and would also be interested in getting involved. I am familiar with a care home and its management (where my father resides) and my child attends a nursery I would gladly introduce the idea to.

    I am interested to know the best next steps to propose the link.


  16. Emma Funnell says:

    Hi, me again,
    I love the idea of the diy pack. I attend relations meetings at my Dad’s care home and I know that the home is interested in anything that will add value to residents days, but they are overstreched on resources and so they would probably leave it to me to organise entirely. A bit of guidance would allow me to get it going and then maybe the trust could even share the idea with other homes. Also, this would work well in some warden assisted sites where there are common areas for eating / sitting. Obviously there are isolated elderly people there too. I know this from experience as my father was in one of those until recently and in both the care home and the flat’s lounge my children are like celebreties!

    • angela says:

      Hi Emma,
      I have just popped up an outline under – menu. Please read it and let me know if it’s at all confusing.
      Also I am very keen that all types of Elderly Care facilities do this with children’s centres, so if you want me to help in any way – I would be delighted!
      Thanks for your support

      • Emma Funnell says:

        Thank you Angela. I will read it and let you know. Good luck with it all in the meantime.

        • angela says:

          Thanks Emma,

          Please do keep me posted and definately do or don’t do whatever works for you – we want it to be evolving practice where everyone helps with ideas.

          Good Luck


  17. Holly says:


    I am an activities co-ordinator in a care home and I am in the middle of contacting our local nurseries after being inspired by the June Brown programme. I think it’s an excellent idea and really easy and benefical for all involved. I really hope that my local nursieries respond! Watch this space! I’ve read the outline it’s really helpful now I’ve just got to word a letter…!

    • angela says:

      Hi Holly,

      Fab – really great.

      I will be updating the outline as we go and hope that if you see something worth noting you will add it and if something doesn’t work please also say. It’s an evolving practice that I really really want everyone to be involved in.

      We wanted lovely chats with the residents and visitors as well as fun activities so whatever works for you.

      You could also contact some stay and play or drop in clubs for young tots and babies – perhaps they can come with their mummies?

      I am going to add on mumsnet soon so hopefully people will respond.

      Thanks again


  18. Hi there,

    I am a Year 6 teacher at Lauriston Primary school in Hackney.

    We would love to become part of this project and would love to have Aggie’s Grannies come in and read with our struggling readers. We do reading from 1:30 – 2:00pm daily. Please let me know if someone is able to do this.

    Many thanks

    Caroline Paynter

    • angela says:

      Hello Caroline,

      That’s great. Thanks for getting in contact. I will be following it up next week when we are back from half term.

      Speak to you soon
      Thanks again

  19. Karen Parker says:

    Dear Angela

    I am the year 4 teacher at Lauriston and we too would love to have Aggie’s Grannies come in and read.
    Many thanks
    Karen Parker

    • angela says:

      Hi Karen,

      Thanks very much for getting in contact. The shelter across the road are interested in doing something with us so great! I will get details and make an arrangement for a meet up. It probably won’t come together for a couple of weeks but will definately keep you posted.

      Thanks again,

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